Insperity FAQ

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For more information contact Michael Hartnett, directly at or 914.539.3209. 

  1. What size companies does Insperity work with?
  2. Insperity’s has clients with as few as 5 employees and as many as 8,000.
  3. What is included in Insperity’s solution?
  4. Insperity will handle payroll, reporting, HR portal for both managers and employees, time & attendance technology, training, HR guidance (employee handbooks, hiring, onboarding, etc.), medical, dental, vision, workers comp & ancillary insurance, and a lot more. 
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. Insperity charges a flat dollar amount per employee per month for the Payroll, HR, and technology services. Every one of our 10,000+ clientshasindividualized healthcare costs. 
  7. How does Insperity determine the cost of health insurance?
  8. By going directly to the insurance carrier, Insperity purchases a fully insured, self-funded plan for their employees and clients. The insurance carrier provides a base cost for each different plan Insperity offers that is far lower than the open market rate. 

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