At both state and federal levels, the GRC team at the NPA stands as the front line of defense for the pawn industry, engaging in countless conversations each day, often behind the scenes, to ensure your voices are heard and your interests are protected.


About the Government Relations Committee

Team GRC keeps NPA members updated on successes and challenges facing the pawn industry and informs them of Washington’s legislative and regulatory activities. “Alerts” are distributed to NPA members when the GRC team feels immediate information should be shared.  


The GRC oversees implementation of the NPA’s legislative programs and directs the activities of NPA’s lobbyists and legislative staff. The committee keeps NPA members abreast of important legislation and how it may impact their businesses on a federal, state, or local level. The GRC provides the following services to the association: 

  • Analysis of proposed laws and regulations at both state and federal level 
  • Education about the pawn industry’s concerns and priorities to legislators 
  • Reviews of federal, state, and local legislative programs 
  • Recommendations for association action 

GRC At Work For Pawn

The GRC assists state leadership and associations by monitoring threats to the pawn industry at the state and federal level. The GRC continuously monitors hundreds of documents weekly to uncover proposed legislation that could potentially have consequences for the pawn industry. State leadership is advised of any issues affecting individual state legislation.  


The NPA employs a GRC legislative team, including a lobbyist, who actively meets with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to educate them about how pawn works and why pawn matters to millions of Americans seeking short-term non-recourse lending options.   


The GRC team works regularly to develop activism materials empowering individual pawnbrokers to reach out proactively to their own legislative representatives. Activism materials and resources developed by the GRC help lawmakers better understand how pawn works and how pawn benefits their communities and constituents. 


NPA Legal Defense Fund

The NPA Board of Directors has established the Legal Defense Fund which is utilized to support litigation and/or to fight legislation that ultimately could affect the pawn industry at a national level. Some examples of issues the fund was involved with include the pawn ticket tax and illegal confiscations of property. 


Contact the GRC

The GRC team at the NPA has an open door, available to answer questions and receive feedback 24/7.  Contact the GRC team by sending an email to: 

Kathy Pierce

NPA Government Relations Liaison

I have been a pawnbroker since 2001, when we opened our first store, Monster Pawn, in Bloomington, IL. We now own four pawnshops in Central Illinois. My favorite thing about the pawn industry is that every day is different. The day goes by fast. I could never have a sit-down job! I am most proud of my family. Two of my three children work for our company, and the third is a Marine.

The Government Relations Liaison is the connection between the States and Federal government and pawnbrokers. I take our customers’ stories and needs seriously. For some customers, pawnbrokers are witnesses to their lives. It is the GRC Team’s job to make sure our elected officials understand who we are and how we serve our customers.

It is an honor to serve my fellow pawnbrokers across the country as the Government Relations Liaison and to be working with the GRC Team. It’s great to be back and working with the NPA.

Cliff Andrews

Managing Principal CapCity Advocates Washington, DC

Cliff Andrews has 20 years of experience serving as a chief advocate and advisor to association clients on public policy, public relations, and mission-focused association management in an ever-changing political and economic landscape.  Cliff works in a bipartisan manner before Congress, regulators, and private sector stakeholder groups on a variety of policy issues, including small-dollar lending regulation. Cliff works tirelessly to make sure that key lawmakers are educated on the vital role pawn plays in the communities of America. His work is key to shaping the perception of pawn at the highest levels. Throughout his career, one of Cliff’s greatest strengths has been his ability to engage constructively with diverse people in building productive, lasting relationships. Paramount to his success is a focus on accountability, diplomacy, consistently demonstrating competency on pertinent issues, and establishing trust. He is a true “Washingtonian,” born and raised in the nation’s capital. Cliff lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, daughter, son, and Alaskan Malamute.  

Bill Dawson


As CEO of LDPM, Inc, Bill developed the Picasso Pawn brand consolidating 10 individually named pawn stores and seven different companies into one cohesive unit. He started in the pawn business almost 30 years ago as something to do “in between opportunities” and never left. Bill and his wife, Heidi, love to travel and a have a cat named Kiki. Bill is a graduate of East Carolina University and the GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading program. He is also an avid Carolina Hurricanes fan. In his free time, Bill can be found either on the golf course or practicing his game.

GRC Committee

Together with the GRC Team at NPA, the Government Relations Committee (GRC) monitors proposed legislation and regulations that could impact the pawn industry. This committee monitors and reviews the legal aspects of legislative programs at the federal, state and local levels. They make recommendations to the Board of Directors to watch, support with amendment, or oppose proposed legislation and regulatory changes. The GRC then communicates with members about relevant legislation and regulatory actions, and involves the membership in advocating proposals as necessary.

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