Government Relations

Government Relations and Grassroots

The NPA is the national voice, on both the federal and grass roots levels, for legislative issues affecting the independent pawnbrokers. The NPA is proactive and dedicated to addressing these issues. We are committed to educating the media and the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, on the positive aspects our industry has to offer the general public. The NPA keeps our members abreast of successes and challenges facing the pawn industry and informs them of Washington’s legislative and regulatory activities through our legislative email updates.

Government Relations Committee (GRC)

The GRC oversees implementation of the NPA’s legislative programs and directs the activities of the NPA’s lobbyists and legislative staff. The committee keeps the NPA members abreast of important legislation and how it may impact their businesses on a federal, state, or local level. The GRC provides the following services to the association:

  • Analysis of proposed laws and regulations
  • Education about the pawn industry’s concerns and priorities to legislators
  • Reviews of federal, state, and local legislative programs
  • Recommendations for association action

Legislative Resources

NPA members can access the following legislative resources in the Members Only area of the NPA website:

Position Statements

  • Online Interstate Pawn Loans
  • General Data Security for Secondhand Dealers
  • Top Concerns with Electronic Reporting of Customers Personal Information


Periodically, the NPA will contact members and urge them to help shape the outcome of pending legislation by sending feedback directly to their congressional members. The NPA members receive regular updates on legislative initiatives through National Pawnbroker magazine and targeted emails.

NPA Political Action Committee (PAC)

In today’s political environment, voting is not enough to ensure your voice will be heard. There are thousands of special interest groups involved in politics, all of them competing to have their ideas accepted by lawmakers. Voting may help you elect the right people, but by itself, it’s no guarantee they know our business or understand the impact legislation will have on us. This is where the NPA PAC can make a difference. Your PAC contributions give us the edge in competition and ensure lawmakers know who we are as an industry.

The challenge is ahead of us.

We must continue to strengthen our reputation in the political arena. Our opponents are well organized; we must be stronger and smarter. The PAC will help us win!

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