NPA Young Professionals

As some pawnshops move into their second and third generations of ownership, more young people are discovering a career path in the pawn industry. Our NPA Young Professionals are bright, curious, engaged and willing to learn. They are the next generation of pawnbrokers!

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The Next Generation of Pawnbrokers

The NPA welcomes Young Professionals under the age of 35, working in the pawn industry and affiliated with an NPA member store or company. Through an online community, Pawnbroker Peer Groups and in-person events such as Pawn Expo, Young Professionals have an opportunity to engage in educational resources and networking opportunities. 


As networking is a hallmark of NPA, Young Professionals are encouraged to get know one another and get involved in the NPA. Young Professionals are also exposed to members with decades of knowledge in order to learn and grow. 


The NPA has built an online community just for Young Professionals where they can communicate, ask and answer questions and support one another. 

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Pawnbroker Peer Group

A special Pawnbroker Peer Group has been established for Young Professionals, where once a month, the group virtually connects. Much like the roundtable sessions at Expo, the group members drive the conversation to problem solve, brainstorm, gather and use ideas from each other, grow, develop, and learn from one another.  

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