NPA Supports State Associations

At the national level, influential work is being done on behalf of pawnbrokers nationwide to positively affect pawn. This work is being done to protect, to support and to serve pawnbrokers with valuable tools, resources, and opportunities to advance their independent businesses. Government relations work being done at the federal level has impact on pawnbrokers across the country.


At the state level, the NPA recognizes a need to support our membership and to advance good work being done by good people. We appreciate the efforts by many to serve communities across the country with small dollar, non-recourse financial options. We are aware meaningful work is being done to communicate with and educate lawmakers with influence.


We encourage industry professionals to understand the difference between the work being done at each of these levels. BOTH your state association and the national association need your financial support. 


Listed below you will find links to each of our highly valued state associations needing your support. Each page offers information about pawnshop regulations/laws, state licensing and regulatory authorities if available. County and city statutes are not included.


We encourage state association leaders to keep their individual pages updated. If changes or additions need to be made, please contact us at


Our goal is to support and serve our state associations every way we can. Insight, ideas or recommendations in this area? Do not be shy! Contact our Customer Service Manager, Amy Kehoe at

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