"Having been a Pawnbroker for over 35 years, some would think I would know everything about the pawn business. This is not true by any means and that is why I love being a part of this group and the NPA as a whole. I learn something new every time we get together."
Ben Levinson
Dynasty Jewelry and Loans

Pawnbroker Peer Groups

Connect with like-minded pawn professionals on a monthly basis to brainstorm, share insight and learn – free with membership.

About Pawnbroker Peer Groups

NPA Membership includes a place in a Pawnbroker Peer Group. Much like the roundtable sessions at Expo, this is a consistent virtual roundtable of pawnbrokers who meet every month. It is an opportunity to connect with a small group of like-minded peers who have similar issues. There is no extra charge to join. The group members drive the conversation to problem solve, brainstorm, gather and use ideas from each other, grow, develop, and learn from one another. 

The ideas shared in these groups are so valuable. Never would I have found myself talking to these people, or even about the topics we’ve discussed thus far. 

Josh Davis

President, GC Pawn

Are Pawnbroker Peer Groups Right for You?

Who: 25 people in each group from varying states and regions across the nation. Meetings are hosted by a fellow pawnbroker and administered by an NPA staff member.

When: Each group sets their own monthly meeting day. You will meet at the same time for the same length of time every month.

Commitment: Consistency will be important as the group will strive to keep the same members in order to build trust in the group. Your commitment is to simply show up and participate every month with your candid questions and comments.


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