NPA Legislative Activism Call to Action

With rate-cap bills looming, the NPA is calling on all pawnbrokers to step up and actively fight for your businesses and livelihoods. It is critical that YOU personally contact your lawmakers and explain why the pawn industry should be exempt from this legislation. 

If you are not a member of the NPA, it is time to get off the sidelines and join us in this fight. There IS strength in numbers! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Click here to join the fight now.


Have questions about government relations at NPA?

Contact Government Relations Liaison Fran Bishop at

How to participate

  1. Watch the GRC Call To Legislative Action Webinar with an overview of the issue, tips on how to contact your lawmakers and a role-play on what to say to them. 
  1. Find your Legislators. 
  1. Use this email template to email your legislators. 
  1. Schedule a visit.  
  • Consider gathering a group of pawnbrokers from your area to go on the visit. There is strength in numbers! 
  1. Print out the tri-fold brochure. 
  • If you don’t have a good color printer, take to a local print shop and have it printed for you. 
  •  Industry Partner Burrell Printing has agreed to print the “Truth About Pawn” trifold brochure. You may order up to 8 copies via this link, or call (800) 531-5234. 
  1. Meet with your legislator and be sure to leave behind the brochure. 
  1. Fill out the “Contact” form below to let us know who you saw and how it went.