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Pawnbrokers affiliated with the NPA are held to a higher standard. Every day, they are working hard – doing good business with good people.

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NOW is the time to affiliate your trusted and qualified pawn business with the NPA.

Listen to what current NPA pawnbrokers have to share about their membership below.

Beth Anundi, Capital Pawn
NPA Board Member

Chad Carter, Chad's Pawn Shop
NPA Board Member

Perry Lewin, Decatur Pawn & Jewelry
NPA Board Member

Jeff Wilhelm, National Jewelry
& Pawn

NPA Board Member

Anthony Vanegas, Sunbelt Pawn
NPA Board Member

NPA Pawnbroker Benefits

The National Pawnbrokers Association is the ONLY organization supporting the pawn industry 24/7 at the federal and state level. NPA monitors, acts and reacts to legislative activity that could negatively impact the pawn industry, YOUR LIVELIHOOD.

Grow Your Business With the NPA

It’s as simple as that. Whether you are looking to grow your customer base, your loan balance, number of locations, or even your good reputation – the NPA is the arsenal of business toolsyou need – and will help you take your business to the next level. 


Joining the NPA  has changed my entire career. I went from owning one store to five stores, and I mentor new pawnbrokers just starting out. Trust me – $55 a month is the best investment you can make in yourself.

~ Kerry Rainey, Owner, Bayou Pawn, Louisiana 

“Not being a member of the NPA is like not have insurance for your business.”

~ Kelly J Swisher, Arlington Jewelry and Loan, Inc 

Advocate for Your Business

Day in, day out, 365, 24/7. The NPA is the ONLY organization supporting the pawn industry at the federal and state level. NPA monitors, acts and reacts to legislative activity that could negatively impact the pawn industry, which is your livelihood.


  • Share insight and expand your influence by participating on an NPA committee 

Increase Store Traffic, and Keep Them Coming Back

  • Highlight your consumer-facing store profile to include your logo, google map location, website, and social media icons   
  • Inform customers you are a reputable and trusted pawnbroker by proudly showcasing your “Trusted NPA Member” window decal and member certificate  

Just join! We’ve been a happy member of the NPA for almost 30 years. The communication is priceless and justifies the dues expense for our four stores.

~ Stan Thomas, Big Brothers Pawn of Northwest Arkansas  

I have been part of the NPA organization for over 21 years, and I am proud to be affiliated with and support an organization working diligently to better the pawn industry every way.

~ Jimmy Russell, M&M Merchandisers 

Improve Employee Retention

Happy employees stay, and employees feel supported with good health coverage and HR support. Save money with less downtime and turnover.


  • HR support at your fingertips with email/phone support from NPA partner SESCO HR Management Consulting - no fees for phone consults 
  • Healthcare plans for you and your employees through NPA partners   

Save Money with Industry Partner Deals

Knowledge is power – and with the most qualified network of vendors in the industry providing relevant guidance and education, the NPA helps you run a smarter, more efficient and profitable business. 

NPA Marketplace – NPA Industry Partners offer cost-saving options to members in the form of “deals.” Utilize the products/services of vendors you can trust.  


GIA Member Discount – GIA offers a  10% discount on accredited education to NPA members. Click here to request your discount code.

I have built several strong relationships that have helped me grow my business.  The sharing of processes, product knowledge and best practices is beyond anything I expected.

~ Sean Makovsky, Marque Luxury

“The NPA is guided by the most serious and committed pawnbrokers in the nation. They are the reason why our visibility and solidity as an industry grows stronger every day.”

~ Roger Weinreich, Good Fortune Jewelry & Pawn 

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Network with fellow professionals to make smart business decisions daily, monthly and quarterly – so your business remains compliant, current, and competitive. 


  • NPAConnect– exclusive members-only community where you can ask questions, brainstorm and collaborate with the best in the business  
  • Participate inPawnbroker Peer Groups to network, brainstorm, and share with a small group of your peers - no fee with membership 

Sell Your Stones, Stock Your Cases, Stay Competitive and Learn

At the largest annual pawn convention in the world, Pawn Expo is where you invest in YOU annually. Network and learn with a goal of increasing your bottom line. Explore new revenue streams and find new solutions to your biggest challenges. NPA members enjoy discounts to attend – a small investment for a huge return! 

“Joining the NPA has moved me from just surviving to actually thriving in the pawn industry.”

~ Lisa Little, Fieldstone Jewelry and Pawn

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