Human Resources Benefits for Members

Did you know the NPA offers complimentary HR consulting to members?

As a valued member of NPA, professional HR consulting services are available to you through SESCO Management Consultants:

  • Telephone, E-mail and Research Assistance – A hotline is provided with no maximum time limit to discuss HR/Employment Law questions and needs. 
  •  SESCO Communications – You will receive SESCO’s newsletter, SESCO’s weekly updates and other timely and proactive communications on management and human resource matters
  • Attorney Analysis and Review of Your Personnel Policies, Work Rules and Employee Handbooks
  • $250.00 – includes a thorough follow-up report with staff recommendations.

Upcoming NPA Member HR Webinars

Performance Management (Part 1 May 3; Part 2 June 8) 

Did you know two thirds of supervisors receive little to no training on how to handle the soft skills of management?  Supervisors must exhibit true leadership, boost morale, and reduce employee turnover, all while positively impacting your organization’s bottom line — a tall order for even the most experienced professional.  This two-part series will address necessary skills with a focus on the employee – manager relationship. We’ll discuss the behaviors that effective supervisors should demonstrate and lay the groundwork for effective leadership and management skills. 


Session 1 Learning Topics include: May 3

•           Essential Skills of Leadership – Builds a foundation that enables managers to manage their team toward a shared goal: achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.

•           Essential Skills of Communicating – Teaches managers the latest business communication strategies, thereby improving their performance and increasing the productivity of both the team and the organization.

•           Developing Performance Goals and Standards – Learners analyze the skills and strategies they use every day in their jobs to identify the techniques that they do very well and to develop ways for them to do their job better. 


Session 2 Learning Topics include: June 8

•           Coaching Job Skills – Helps managers learn how to effectively coach individuals through a process of observation, analysis and communication. By carefully planning one-on-one discussions, managers can have the greatest impact and gain individual commitment to achieving results.

•           Providing Performance Feedback – Helps managers learn a systematic, fact-based approach to performance improvement through quality feedback.

•           Effective Discipline – Helps managers learn effective techniques for addressing problem behavior. Using communication skills, the manager works to preserve the individual’s self-respect and encourage the best kind of discipline – self-discipline.

Core HR Systems For Proper Onboarding – September 14

When was the last time you conducted an audit of your personnel files?  If it’s been a while (or if you have never done an audit) you may be putting the organization at risk. The best way to ensure your company remains in compliance and avoids liability is to conduct regular reviews of your personnel files and your filing practices.  Join us as we learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of personnel file maintenance, including whether documents are being put in the correct file (i.e. personnel or medical) and whether you are retaining files longer than is required (or disposing of them too soon).  Next, we will cover how to properly onboard new hires to set them up for success.  Last, we will discuss the importance that the employee handbook plays in the new hire process and why it should be a living, breathing document which is critical to HR and management functions.


Navigating the Complexities of Wage and Hour Law – November 2

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal wage and hour continues to cause big headaches for employers given the intricacies of exemptions, pay plans and state permissible pay practices. Non-compliance exposes companies to individual and other representative actions. Wage and hour laws continue to multiply, with new regulations, court decisions, and myriad changes to existing laws impacting employer compliance obligations. 


The webinar will cover the rules for classifying employees as exempt or nonexempt and address other common wage and hour pitfalls. Participants will learn how to avoid mistakes in paycheck deductions, how to avoid problems with meal and rest break laws, and will provide a refresher on the newly revised federal overtime rule. For experienced human resources professionals, this session will be a practical “refresher.” For less experienced human resources professionals, this webinar will introduce real-world advice regarding wage and hour essentials. To learn about what your organization needs to do to stay in compliance and out of court, join us for an overview of the legal requirements and best practices of federal wage and hour law.


Learn more about this cost-saving member benefit. During the webinar, SESCO will provide an overview of the relationship and services offered to NPA members and explore practical HR tips for members:

  • Discover who SESCO Management is and how NPA has partnered to provide free member benefits
  • Learn how SESCO will support your HR needs by providing expert advice when members utilize the telephone/email consulting
  • Receive timely updates on employment regulations impacting your business today

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