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by Mark Campanale, Digital Marketing Manager

The sign says, ‘Like Us On Facebook!’

Ok.  Done.  Now what?

I know that when I ‘like’ a musician on Facebook, I’ll get new music updates, tour info, contests, and more.  Yet, I’m seeing a lot of small businesses jumping on the FB train and asking friends, co-workers, customers, etc. to go to their page and click the ‘like’ button.

Again, now what?

Now of course I could site several big name brands that are creating interactive and engaging Facebook fan pages and I would get push back because they ‘have big budgets and a dedicated staff to create these fan pages.’  Instead, I’ll give a roadmap and framework for Facebook fan page newbies that you can implement on a shoestring budget.

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Roadmap For Creating A ‘Like-Worthy’ Facebook Page 

1. Don’t Create A Facebook Page
Yep.  I say this first because if you are not ready to commit to adding some engaging WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? content on a weekly basis then there’s no reason to have a fan page.  No one should ever wonder why they ‘liked’ your page to begin with.

2. Decide How You Will Reward Your Fans
They ‘like’ you! They really ‘like’ you!  Now, give them a reason to share your page with others. Offer them a FB-only discount; Offer tips on selling or pawning their wares; have contests – give your site a personality!

3. Decide On Frequency
We’re back to the commitment – how often will you update the page?  Don’t expect everyone to see every post in real time, so you may need to post 2-3 times a day, depending on the message.

4. Decide How You Will Respond
By asking them to ‘like’ you, your fans will have opinions and should be allowed to comment on your page.  Be sure to respond to ask comments and critiques in a timely manner to ensure that you are engaging your fans and advocating conversations.

The take away here is that in order to have a Facebook Business Page and ask people to ‘like’ you requires transparency; you must be willing to give and expect that others will now want to converse with you.

What have you done to reward your fans for ‘liking’ you?

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