Pawn Employees Work Travel Sample Letter – Pawn Store Employees Should Not Be Prevented from Getting to Work

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Please see to the template sample text below. Please note, the National Pawnbrokers Association Does Not Provide Any Form of Legal Advice. ALERT: Pawnbrokers should watch for any declarations from their city or county governments about pawn stores being allowed to operate, or not. Then, if needed, contact those city or county offices for clarification ASAP.  Once you are ‘forced’ to …

NPA Offers New Pawn Training Courses to All Pawnbrokers, Free to Members

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Make Downtime Productive Time With a Pawn Education Course Summary: Certified Pawn Professional modules offered as stand-alone training courses to all pawnbrokers One free module each year for NPA members or can be purchased by all pawnbrokers The NPA Board of Directors and NPA membership committee have made the decision to offer the Certified Pawn Professional modules as stand-alone training …

Clutter-Free and Customer-Focused

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A clean and inviting store is one of the keys to a successful operation. Your retail space needs to be productive so your salespeople can do what they do best – sell. Visual merchandising and product displays will help optimize the retail aspects of the store.This Content is for Members Only