Help Support Families in Maui Who Have Been Affected by the Recent Fires

The ukulele is a treasured part of Hawaiian culture and a staple in nearly EVERY household. Together with richard dan and the Hawaii Pawnbrokers Association, the NPA is raising funds to provide 400 Ohana ukuleles to displaced families in Maui as they cope with the trauma of the recent fires. A gesture of kindness to bring joy back to a community that has lost so much.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 over the next 2 weeks. To make this happen, WE NEED YOUR HELP!


On behalf of Richard Dan with the Hawaii Pawnbrokers Association:

The recent natural disaster on Maui was apocalyptic.

No one who lives on the island was untouched by the fires and their ramifications. The confirmed dead are 118, and hundreds more may be missing, even two weeks after the tragedy.

Business is near a standstill. The little bit of business coming through my store has been from people wanting ukuleles. Almost everybody plays, and Maui people take comfort from making music together.

The thousands of displaced people are having basic needs met by the island ohana (family) and businesses, FEMA and all the government relief agencies.

It’s a very good idea to give these people new ukuleles to replace the ones they have lost.  I contacted one of the instrument suppliers I use, and they will ship and deliver in 10 days 400 soprano ukuleles with gig bags and tuner,  boxed.  They are charging $20,000. 

Many of my pawnbroker community reached out to me and asked how they can help.  Here’s how you can help.  Below is a form to donate money through the NPA, an organization supporting pawnbrokers worldwide.   I will handle the logistics and donate 300 ukuleles to the schools of the students from Lahaina. The other 100  I will take to the hotels where some of the displaced people are staying. If we get more than $20,000 donated, the excess money will go to help the disaster victims.

Think of Hawaii’s beloved musician, Braddah Iz, strumming his ukulele and singing “Somewhere over the rainbow . . . help bring that rainbow back to Maui.