Pawnbroker Peer Group Leaders

Pawnbroker Peer Group Leaders

The NPA’s Pawnbroker Peer Groups are led by experienced pawnbrokers who come from all over the country and represent a variety of pawn store sizes and types. They are active members of the NPA and serve as a valuable resource to group participants.


Pawnbroker Peer Group Leaders


Randi is the leader of the NPA’s Young Professionals peer group. She has been in the pawn industry since the age of 12 and currently serves as Manager of Big Dog Pawn, with two locations in Utah. She is a second-generation pawnbroker who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the under-40 group.


Pierce has worked in the pawn industry for 10 years, though he’s been around it since he could walk. He is the owner and manager of Bayou Pawn & Jewelry, with five locations in Louisiana. He is a second generation pawnbroker who is dedicated to sharing ideas and guiding experiences with fellow pawnbrokers.


Beth has been in the pawn industry for over 11 years and owns Capital Pawn & Couture, with five successful pawn stores in Oregon. She is a passionate advocate for the pawn industry and is  dedicated to helping her peers succeed.


Jeff has been in the pawn industry for 35 years. He serves as Director of Store Operations for National Pawn & Jewelry, with twenty-three locations across North Carolina. He is a strong leader and is committed to helping change the perception of the pawn world, one member at a time.

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