NPA Member Testimonials

In over 30 years advocating for the pawn industry, one thing has remained constant for the NPA: Members find value in their participation. Below is a catalogue of letters and e-mails highlighting appreciation for value the NPA has brought to these NPA business owners.

We encourage all pawnbrokers nationwide to take advantage of this unique opportunity to affiliate your reputable business with like-minded business owners. Network, learn, collaborate and expand your circle of influence by participating in the NPA. There is strength in numbers, and we need your support.

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NPA Guided By Serious and Committed Pawnbrokers

We started our business more than 25 years ago.    At that time, I decided to attend the NPA National Convention that was being held in San Francisco.  I was a complete newbie in the word of pawnbroking.   Without exception, whenever I told people that I was new in the business, they readily shared their best practices and gave me wonderful ...

NPA Is The Best Decision We Ever Made

I was first introduced to the NPA at the ripe age of 25 in 1992 by Charles R. Jones (namesake for the NPA Lifetime Award). At the time our company, USA Pawn was just getting started but we had just opened our second location. I attended my first convention and was asked by Charles to consider serving on what they ...

Just Join The NPA

No Decision Here! Just Join!  Our first store opened in 1991. We either joined that year or the next year. Needless to say, we’ve been a happy member of the NPA for almost 30 years! The forum communication is priceless and in itself justifies the expense for our four stores dues. (Big Brothers Pawn of Northwest Arkansas) We especially enjoy ...

Voted Best Pawn Shop Thanks To NPA

Compared to most in the pawn industry, Capital Pawn based in Oregon, is a new player. Without the direction and education sessions of the NPA, and without the help of pawnbrokers met at NPA events, Capital Pawn would not be the success it is today. The National Pawnbroker’s Association has been an integral part of their achievements which include being voted ...

Advocacy, Product Knowledge, and Strong Relationships

I’ve been in the Pawn Business for 25 years, the first 19 were at one of the big corporations. When I moved into the independent world, I was hesitant to belong and be a part of the NPA. At the urging of one of my partners I went to a meeting in Grapevine and knew instantly I needed to be ...

NPA Membership is Business Insurance

There is no way that the pawn industry would be where we’re at today without a constant presence in Washington DC. The only thing providing the industry with that is the NPA. Not being a member is like not having insurance for your business.   Kelly J Swisher Arlington Jewelry and Loan, Inc President – Illinois Pawnbrokers Association Arlington Heights, IL

Thriving in the Pawn Industry

Joining NPA has moved me from just “surviving” to actually “thriving.” I’m glad to be involved in an organization where “members helping members” is an important part of the experience. I am also proud to support NPA’s efforts in Washington D.C. which protect all of our rights as pawnbrokers.    Lisa Little Fieldstone Jewelry & Pawn, Inc. Conyers, GA

An Invaluable Membership

“When we opened, we didn’t join the NPA for a few years. Looking back, it was one of the biggest mistakes we have made in business. The information shared freely by fellow Pawnbrokers has been and continues to be invaluable.  The knowledge gained at the Pawn Expos in the classes/roundtables have been well worth the trip to attend. Not to ...