Get Ready for the Holiday Season!

by Kathy Pierce, Monster Pawn


If you checked your email this morning, you already know that the Big Retail Stores are starting the Black Friday Sales. We can get comfy on the couch, watch the game and shop online. This is the week for “making a list and checking it twice” for the pawnshop. 


Order jewelry boxes, nice shopping bags and extra add-on inventory now!  Promote the Shop Small Business Saturday, which is November 25th this year. 


How is the staff schedule looking for the next 45 days? Speak with your employees to double check on days off. It’s hard to write pawns and make the sales when you are running on a skeleton crew. 


Be Safe! Go over safety protocol with your employees. Check and double check jewelry cases to make sure they are always locked. Make cash deposits when there is a certain amount over what is normally in the safe. Fake coins and chains are everywhere. Have an early morning “refresher” with your crew on testing coins, gold and safety rules for your store. Make it fun, order breakfast and give each employee a Santa hat or Holiday tie to wear during the holiday store hours. 


Reward your employees! We all work hard, let them know how much you appreciate them. Gift cards at the local grocery store, or favorite lunch spot. Have “sales races” to see who makes the most sales in the week for a grand prize. Make sure there are prizes for everyone playing.  


Decorate the store, put cookies out for your customers and make the Keurig available with coffee, hot chocolate, and apple cider selections for your customers on special sales days. Run favorite holiday movies on the tv’s and have a terrific holiday sales season!