Your Representatives and Your Livelihood are Tied Together

Get to know the elected officials who have power over your business.

By Kathleen Pierce, NPA GRC Liaison

April 2023

As we get ready for our Legislative Conference in Washington D.C., it is a good time to find out which Senators and Members of the House represent the location(s) of your business and the location where you vote. These members of Congress work for you at the federal level.


Whether you like it or not, our elected officials have the power to control how pawnbrokers do business. It is a good idea to stay on the positive side of an elected official and not let them proceed on the mistaken idea that pawnbrokers are predators so we don’t like you.


If you are unable to attend the Legislative Conference in D.C., there is still an opportunity for you to meet your representatives in Congress and state and local elected officials. There will be plenty of local meet and greets, handing out scholarships to students and attending fundraising for nonprofits in your area are a good way to meet your representative on a positive note.


A quick “Google” of “Who is my elected official” will come up with several spots to type in your zip code and find out who your representatives are in your State and Local governments.


For information on your member of Congress and Senator, there are several websites to check.

· – will help answer any questions and guide you on a day-to-day operation of Congress.

· – access to who your member of Congress is and what legislation they are working on.

· – access to who your Senator is and what legislation they are working on.

· – access to legislative information and another way to find your Representative and Senators.


There is still time to register for the Legislative Conference in DC. Click here to RSVP and make your voice heard.