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10 Ways To Attract Customers

By Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

New and returning customers are the lifeblood of stores! When you are trying to attract customers and get more foot traffic, your focus should be on your store’s appearance. Grab passersby attention quickly and give them a reason to stop in. Now more than ever, your displays and merchandising have to entice shoppers to make purchases in a brick and mortar location. Showcase the advantages of shopping at your store clearly and it will pay off.

Here are 12 ways that work best to attract new customers and boost foot traffic to your shop.

1. Create a Memorable Monument Sign for Your Business Signage for retail stores has to start at the curbside. Don’t do what everyone else does with black block letters on a beige concrete sign. Even better, consider digital signs that can change on a dime.

2. Make a Great Window Display If you are in a popular destination with great foot traffic, create a store window that tells one story and tells it well. Your window display must be your invitation to enter. A well designed window display encourages impulse sales and piques the curiosity of a potential customer.

3. Decorate Your Store Exterior Using Balloons There is nothing cheaper than balloons to provide movement and attention to your business. If you have a railing, use that. If you have nowhere to tie them, you can use cinderblocks laid flat and tie the strings through the holes. If you don’t like the way cinderblocks look, disguise them with cloth, burlap or oil cloth. Be sure to use plenty and replace often as helium deflates in the sun.

4. Add Custom Parking Lot Signs Light pole signs – You’ve seen these at gas stations and fastfood restaurants. Make sure these are printed in full color. For example, a red product photo with text that proclaims, “Valentine’s Day Is Coming” and your logo at the bottom would be great for January. Speak with your landlord to see if there is an objection. The goal with this type of sign is not to “sell” anything (Big Sales 20% off!) but to showcase your best product.

5. Add Pennant Flags Across Your Parking Lot String a line of pennant flags from a light pole to the front of your business. You can get a multi-color version at sporting goods stores for under $50. The trick with flags is to replace them about every other month while they are still bright and before they are all ripped. 6. Use Murals on Buildings If you can make your building immediately recognizable for what you sell, have at it. If you can’t, you can still put a tall banner from roof to sidewalk in eye-catching colors (think forest green instead of a garish fluorescent pink). At the top put, “We’ve Got…” and add pictures of your best products. Again, the goal is not to scream price, but to showcase the wants. If you can’t put it on the building, you can get freestanding banner holders to place by your doors. Placed outside, these are used where you cannot use a…

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