TEAM GRC Pawn Expo Recap


I wish every pawnbroker had been able to attend last week’s Pawn Expo 2022 in Las Vegas, but we know that isn’t always possible and that life can get in the way of all of us from time to time. It was one of the very best NPA conventions I have attended, and I have probably been to at least 30 or so. But then, who’s counting. 


Our NPA Team GRC presented updates to the Board and Membership on both Monday and Tuesday mornings. Some items covered were: 

  • Federal rate cap bills 
  • Mid-term elections 
  • Grassroots outreach 
  • CFPB 
  • Compliance…TILA, MLA, AML and more 
  • State and Federal Firearms Legislation 

There were good discussions on these topics and many others at the NPA GRC booth on Wednesday and Thursday, also. Several of you came by to express interest in becoming more involved not only in Washington but also in their home districts and states.  

It was also announced that neither rain, sleet, snow, or anything else will keep us from having a NPA Legislative Conference in Washington in April 2023. More information is available here.  

Yes, it was announced during Pawn Expo that I am retiring at the end of this year. The many friendships I have made over the last 30+ years are dear to me. I can only hope that my efforts on behalf of the NPA, the pawn industry and for many of you individually have made a difference.   

Fran Bishop, 
NPA Past President and Government Relations Liaison