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Pawnbrokers and Banks


by Fran Bishop, NPA Government Relations Liaison, NPA Past President

What immediately comes to mind? We hope it is not ’The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.’ That is what NPA needs to know so we are asking you to complete a brief survey about your PPP loan experience.  

Recent articles in banking publications extoll the positive relationships between banks and small businesses. Their surveys reflect how their banks managed their PPP loan applications.  

Historically speaking, NPA Members and other pawnbrokers are small business owners. We need this same hard data so we are asking you to take this survey.  

As you know, for years NPA’s Team GRC has tracked our members’ experiences of having their banking relationships terminated. Often this ‘bank discontinuance’ is on short notice, and frequently with no reason other than “we reserve the right to terminate deposit relationships.” This is still happening, and we need your own NPA survey results.  

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