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Sherlock Holmes 3.0 is the New Lab-Grown Diamond Detector from Yehuda


Yehuda Diamond Company is excited to announce yet another miraculous development by Zvi Yehuda.

Followed by our customers great feedback we kept the Sherlock’s amazing 100% detection rate.

The new Sherlock is user friendly with a laptop-style screen lift up. We have fine-tuned the accuracy and added an array of tests, multiple sensitivities and views.

These extra tests, sensitives and views enable the user to make an easy decision with diamonds and simulants that were a bit tricky to analyze.

The extra internal long UV test reduce dramatically the small amount of false positive results. As a result, the SH 3.0 will detect 100% of Lab Grown diamonds and will have a negligent amount of false positive results.

Here are some of the main features of the NEW Sherlock Holmes 3.0

1.          Laptop-style screen lifts up for ease of viewing.

2.          100% Detection Rate (Same as SH2.0).

3.          Checks 18 rings at once and piles of melee.

4.          Multiple sensitivities provide accurate analysis.

5.          Eight Times Magnification (a 1mm diamond looks like 8mm on the screen.)

6.          Internal Long UV test REDUCES false positive results.

7.          Easier and better simulant detection

8.          Saving the test results on a memory stick.

9.          Automatic software update via WIFI.

10.     Portable (bag included)

Ships in February at $6,745

We are confident that our newest Lab-Grown Diamond Detector will outperform every other detector that is currently scheduled to be released, even the ones that are priced significantly higher.

Complete details can be found at:

Ido Izkovich

(702) 523-6982



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