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NPA Is The Best Decision We Ever Made

I was first introduced to the NPA at the ripe age of 25 in 1992 by Charles R. Jones (namesake for the NPA Lifetime Award). At the time our company, USA Pawn was just getting started but we had just opened our second location. I attended my first convention and was asked by Charles to consider serving on what they called the Advisory Board. It was a smaller group of up and coming pawnbrokers and vendors who would hopefully move up to the full board with voting rights.  

Making that move to serve was one of the best decisions I ever made. Eventually I was able to move up and become Membership Chairman where I served several terms. The information and knowledge I gained from serving with other pawnbrokers (and vendors) across the US, Canada and Mexico was invaluable. To truly understand what it takes to protect and promote an entire industry was and continues to be eye opening.  

Now 28 years later I am left with memories and life lessons from those who came before us. There were so many pawnbrokers and others who I was able to serve with that are no longer with us who paved the way to your success today. Charles R. Jones, Bob Stogner, Doin Loftis, Craig Rabiner, Dave Newman, Earl Oller, Ron Stempkowski, Harold Dambrot (whom I argued tooth and nail with at every meeting), Mitch Kaminsky, Frank Ingram, Tom Brown…Just can’t remember them all but they are the pioneers. 

Today I am the president of my state association. I am thankful for what the NPA has done and will continue to do for me and our industry. 

Nick Fulton
President: Mississippi Pawnbrokers
Mng Partner: USA Pawn of MS

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