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NPA Guided By Serious and Committed Pawnbrokers

We started our business more than 25 years ago.    At that time, I decided to attend the NPA National Convention that was being held in San Francisco.  I was a complete newbie in the word of pawnbroking.  

Without exception, whenever I told people that I was new in the business, they readily shared their best practices and gave me wonderful ideas on how to create a firstclass shop.   I was thoroughly impressed with the dedication of the members that I met during that week.   

The NPA is guided by the most serious and committed pawnbrokers in the nation.   This is a fact.  These individuals represent the greatest assets that we have, and their ability to advance our profession has made an impact even in our small New Hampshire community.  

With a dedicated staff in the home office, the NPA is the reason why our visibility and solidity as an industry grows stronger every day.  We owe our continued success to this organization and know that it essentially serves all pawnbrokers, whether or not they are members. 

The future will present many challenges that are best addressed by creating a team approach to the issues that come our way.  Insuring the vitality of our industry requires we all join together to create what is best for our businesses and our country.    

Thank you, NPA for being the organization that makes it all happen! 

Roger Weinreich
Good Fortune Jewelry & Pawn >AKA:  The Pawn Shop)
110 Main Street
Keene, NH  03431

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