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Our first store opened in 1991. We either joined that year or the next year. Needless to say, we’ve been a happy member of the NPA for almost 30 years! The forum communication is priceless and in itself justifies the expense for our four stores dues. (Big Brothers Pawn of Northwest Arkansas) We especially enjoy the trade shows and conventions sponsored by our local and national associations. For the past several years we have a contest to determine the “Pawnshop of the Year” within our four stores based on many operational results. The winning store gets cash rewards for the team, a banquet dinner at a 5 star restaurant for the team and the spouses, an engraved trophy to display at their store, and (drum roll, please) the manager of the store along with his or her spouse get to accompany our supervisory staff to the upcoming NPA Convention with all expenses paid. This seems to be a great motivational opportunity for our company as well as a great training opportunity from the seminars, not to lessen any impact from training ideas generated with a handshake from other members! 

Stan Thomas, President
Big Brothers Pawn of Northwest Arkansas

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