NPA April 2021 Legislative Conference Goes Virtual

The NPA holds a Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. every spring, but this year, we are going virtual! We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to let lawmakers know what is on your mind. 

The conference is designed to help build and reinforce relationships between pawnbroker members and their Members of Congress and staffs. NPA members will have the opportunity to talk to congressional leaders via phone and video conference to share how the policies Congress votes on can affect pawnbrokers’ businesses and pawn consumers.  

Your participation this year is especially important because there are many new elected officials and staff that need to be educated about the business of being a pawnbroker. We anticipate enhanced efforts to pass new financial services regulations, including a federal 36% APR cap, which means we need to make our voices heard. 

Day 1: NPA provides attendees with a briefing on the current issues facing the pawn industry, guiding them through the agenda to help maximize pawnbrokers’ message. If you have not participated previously, this conference is the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know your elected leaders. 

Day 2: Virtual visits with legislators. 

Day 3: More virtual visits with legislators, plus a “wrap up” where attendees share the day’s experiences at a “Virtual Happy Hour” networking/debriefing event.  

There is no charge to attend the NPA Legislative Conference. However, advance registration is required.