CPP Recertification


  • Persons who are designated “Certified Pawn Professional” earn the right to use the designation (CPP or Certified Pawn Professional) for the three years following the year in which they qualified as a CPP.
  • A CPP must recertify every three years and must do so before the expiration of the designation’s third year.
  • At the beginning of each year, the CPP Board of Governors will designate all programs that satisfy the recertification requirements of CPP.
  • A minimum of 15 classroom hours of approved programming shall be required for recertification purposes as well as submitting a recertification application form and renewal fee to renew their CPP designation. Recertification forms may be accessed from NationalPawnbrokers.org.
  • A person holding the CPP designation may petition the CPP Board of Governors to approve a course that has not been previously identified as meeting the requirements for recertification. In order to be approved by the CPP Board of Governors, it must be determined that the syllabus in question meets the standards and relevance as content that has been approved by the CPP Board of Governors previously.


CPP credit hours may be earned from the following activities:

Continuing Education / Professional Development

  • Participate in pawn industry related continuing professional development education that aligns with the CPP Program within three-year recertification cycle.
  • Course must be a minimum of one hour in length. One clock hour of education is equal to one credit hour.
  • One hour webinar relevant to the pawn industry = one credit hour.
  • CPP Learning Program course = six credit hours per course.
  • Required 15 credit hours may all be earned from this category OR a total of 12 credit hours may be earned from this category combined with three credit hours from the Activities category below.



  • Contribute to the pawn industry and NPA by participating in industry activities.
  • Each activity is equal to one credit hour and a maximum of three credits may be earned from this category.
  • Activities must be related to the pawn industry. Examples include active participation or leadership role on an industry or NPA board, committee, task force, or association = one credit hour per term.
  • Published author (newsletters and/or blogs are not eligible). One article (minimum of 1,000 words) = one credit hour.
  • Proctor a CPP Exam (outside of course instruction) = one credit hour.


Formal Education

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree within three-year recertification cycle.
  • Required 15 credit hours may be earned all from this category.


Recertification Application

All recertifying CPPs are required to submit a recertification application documenting the required 15 credit hours earned towards recertification. Completed applications are due on or before December 31 the year recertification is due. Anything over 15 hours may not be carried over to the next recertification cycle. All requirements must be submitted at the same time and incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Recertification Renewal Fee

Recertifying CPPs will pay a $200 renewal fee at the time the recertification application is submitted. The renewal fee and recertification application are due on or before December 31 the year recertification is due. Early renewals are eligible for a discount using the following schedule.

January 1 – June 30: $150 renewal fee ($50 discount)
July 1 – October 15: $175 renewal fee ($25 discount)
October 16 – December 31: $200 renewal fee

NPA allows CPPs a grace period of three months after their recertification due date to submit their recertification application. An additional $75 fee applies in addition to the renewal fee.  All recertification requirements, however, must have taken place during the three-year recertification cycle. If a CPP fails to recertify, in order to regain their certification they must re-apply, become a candidate and take and pass the five required courses.

In Case of Audit

Keep your documentation for six months after your recertification application has been approved in case you are selected for an audit. A small number of audits are conducted each year to confirm information claimed for recertification credit other than NPA-sponsored events/activities. An NPA staff person will contact you if documentation is needed. Any questions regarding what qualifies for CPP recertification credit may be directed to [email protected].