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  • Compliance with Federal Truth in Lending Requirements
  • Complying with the FTC Safeguards Rule: Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information
  • Compliance Boot Camp

Online AML Compliance Program for Pawnbrokers and Dealers in Precious Metals


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of anti-money laundering as it pertains to the Pawnbroker and Dealers of Precious Metals industries. This highly interactive course will teach you to identify potential money laundering schemes using true to life situations. This course has been crafted by an industry expert in anti-money laundering as it pertains to trade /business and Dealers in Precious Metals.  Title 31 requires training be provided and documented. The course will meet federal requirements for training.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to properly file an 8300
  • Timelines and reporting of an 8300
  • OFAC requirements governing your business
  • Policy/Procedure and record keeping requirements
  • Suspicious Activity triggers relative to your business
  • When to file a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report)

*This course includes a certificate of training to meet training documentation requirements and may be taken anytime from any computer with log-on credentials.

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Non-Member $39.95

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Legal Defense Fund

The NPA Board of Directors has established the Legal Defense Fund to be utilized to fund litigation and/or fight legislation that ultimately could affect the pawn industry nationally, such as the Pawn Ticket Tax, Illegal Confiscation, and Customer Profiling to name a few.

Legal Library

NPA maintains a Legal Library that can be accessed by a pawnbroker’s attorney who is handling pawnbroker litigation. Contact the NPA Office for more information.