NPA Public Relations

The National Pawnbrokers Association is committed to an aggressive public relations campaign on behalf of its members and the entire pawn industry. This is a critical time for the pawn industry on many fronts, from the vacillating legislative environment to the ongoing promotion and positive imaging of pawnbrokers across the country.

With the issues facing the industry as well as the continuing confrontations from lawmakers, we need to be vigilant and capable of responding quickly to the changing landscape. An effective PR strategy is in place to build the image of the association, the industry and the individual pawnbrokers who rely on the NPA to fight their battles on a national level.

NPA has worked to focus its key messaging, to put into action rapid response communications, to reach thousands of people through new media technology and to broadcast the positive stories that collectively have become the new face of the pawn industry.

The public relations effort expands into new media with the 2009 launch of, and a host of other integrated social media elements. The NPA President, Board of Directors and Spokesperson have been present in over 45 articles and television news sources. News features include placement in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Sun Times and countless other local and regional news platforms.

Through its tireless efforts, NPA has transformed the association from being reported on to being authoritative news-makers in the consumer finance industry.