The ATF Final Rule on Stabilizing Braces

by Kathy Pierce, NPA Government Relations Liaison

January, 19, 2023


This week the Attorney General signed the ATF Final Rule 2021-08F. “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces’”. For pawnbrokers, this ruling is vague – what do we do with our customers’ property? The rule does not go into effect until it is published in the Federal Register, which can be at any time. After the publication, the item is given 120 days to be registered. The rule does not affect stabilizing braces used for individuals with disabilities.


A member of the NPA GRC, Nicolas Velez Gil, spoke with two ATF agents at the SHOT Show this week and posted points from their conversation on NPACONNECT.


The NRA has this to say on the Final Ruling:

“These options vary depending on whether a person is a Federal Firearms Licensee, an unlicensed person, or a government entity, but the options generally include removing the short barrel and exchanging it for one that is longer than 16 inches, filing a Form 1 to “make” the firearm as a short-barrel rifle, removing the brace, surrendering the firearm, or destroying the firearm.”


There are resources on including a 34-page Powerpoint and a Quick Reference Guide. There is also a link on NPACONNECT to register for webinars on January 31 and February 1.

I will continue to follow all discussions and threads on this ruling and will post updates and information on NPA Connect.


Kathy Pierce, NPA Government Relations Liaison