Team GRC Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Illinois Pawnbrokers

January 5, 2023 

By Bill Dawson, GRC Committee Chair  

The efforts to extend the 2021 Predatory Loan Protection Act (PLPA) to include pawn transactions in Illinois continue through the last days of the current legislative session, which ends mid-next week. 

Team GRC has been providing research, analysis, and talking-points documents to the Illinois Pawnbrokers Association through the IPA’s president, Kelly Swisher, and the NPA’s Government Relations Liaison, Kathy Pierce.  

This assistance ramped up throughout December and since New Year’s. 

The NPA and its Team GRC stand ready to review claims made by supporters of the efforts to extend the PLPA.  We will update NPA members on NPACONNECT after the current Legislature adjourns. If you are a current member of the NPA, expect an update in your NPACONNECT digest email next week.  

Keep channeling positive energy to support the Illinois Pawnbrokers Association by prayer or just old-fashioned good wishes!  

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