It's Christmas Retail Time!

By Kathy Pierce, NPA Government Relations Liaison

Seventeen days until Christmas. It’s time to straighten up the floor, put a Santa hat on and hustle up some sales. Everyone is a little bit happier listening to holiday songs and eating more than one homemade cookie.   


Decorate the store, set out a tray of snacks on the weekends, and run a Christmas movie on the flat screen TV’s. Retail trends for December indicate that people are willing to spend, even in a tight economy. The past two years of lockdowns and bah-humbug have people ready to get out, visit family and go shopping! Get an extra cup of coffee or energy drink and enjoy the sales floor. 


December is a time to thank our customers and employees for a great year and a job well done. Spend some extra time visiting with long time customers, check in with our older folks and make sure they are okay. Perhaps you have a special charity your store supports or maybe it’s your turn to ring the bell in front of the red bucket at the local grocery store.   


While we are preparing for the holidays, keep an extra eye on your cases, make sure they are locked and show one piece of jewelry at a time. Always arrive to work in pairs (or more) and never leave the store by yourself. Pawnbroker safety is always number one and this month can be a target for high dollar theft.   


Have fun this month and be safe! 

Kathy Pierce, Team GRC 

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