Recruit Like A Pawnbroker

Mark Campanale Expert Guidance

Always Using the Four Cs

By Marques Kidd, Regional Area Manager, Picasso Pawn

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb.

The same can be said for beginning a recruitment campaign for your pawnshop, as oftentimes, the best time to recruit is before a job is posted. As business owners, we know employment gaps create immediate needs and, on occasion, hasty decision making that leads to more unfortunate employment situations. Poor decision making can also be costly in terms of time and dollars. We know pawnbroking takes qualified individuals with unique skill sets. In hiring, you want to be sure the people you bring on are going to last.

You may ask yourself, “How do I recruit this unicorn?” Most of the time your best prospect is currently content and employed at another place of business. Your best prospects aren’t presently lining up on Indeed or LinkedIn actively looking for a job. As an active recruiter for your pawnshop, you are going to have to find them, and then show them how you can offer them a better opportunity. Finding special people to join your team can be tough, and convincing them to join your team can be tougher. “Selling” people on the idea of becoming a pawnbroker can be challenging, but when you share the right information about how pawnbroking can be a highly lucrative and incredibly fascinating business, you are far more likely to be successful. Your best bet is to continually keep recruits in the pipeline.

By using the “Four Cs” for recruiting, which are Compensation, Career progression, Community, and Culture, you can begin connecting with your prospective pawnbroker using four different areas that might, ultimately, help you overcome any challenges they present to accepting your offer of employment. I have found over time that if I can connect with my prospect in all four key areas, my chances of them joining my team increased substantially. I should also mention that when I am prospecting, I typically bring an additional team member along. People like to connect with people from within a company and build relationships. If my prospect can envision themselves interacting with my team, I am more likely to be successful in my recruitment effort.

At the outset, I ask open-ended questions and qualify prospects like I would qualify a loan. I’ll make a genuine connection using the Four Cs. These four areas are a focus point for our prospects as they help to bridge gaps and better clarify benefits and growth opportunities within our company. Just like someone looking for money in exchange for their item of value, prospects are looking for new opportunities in exchange for their skills. The more you build relationships with them, the faster trust builds. People want to work for companies where they can envision themselves benefiting from the Four Cs. Your role as a recruiter is to paint vivid and highly appealing pictures for them and connect the dots. Ultimately, sell them on a career as a pawnbroker!

Marques Kidd is the Regional Area Manager for Picasso Pawn. He graduated from University of Phoenix in 2015 with a BS in Information Technology. Over his 20 years of working in the retail industry, he has won numerous awards for performance and has participated in several leadership development programs across the country.