Thoughts on a Thursday…the word ‘Team’ 

Mark Campanale NPA News

by Fran Bishop, NPA GRC Liaison


If you or your child has ever played sports then you will remember the coach saying, “there’s no I in Team, so get back out there, work together, and let’s win this game!”  

My 13-year-old grandson’s soccer season ended last weekend being undefeated in a tournament. That was a huge accomplishment as when the season began the boys did not know each other, or the coach, and had never played together. It was quite a learning curve figuring out their strengths and weaknesses, and the coach’s expectations. Their adolescent tempers flared with finger-pointing and getting in each other’s face. Frustration and blame were everywhere.  

As we watched from the sidelines thinking how much worse can this get, things started turning around. The bonding began, encouraging one another, good play high-fives, positive communication, support, and trust. Results…a Winning Team!  

If you ever do an internet search for ‘team’ the results vary from animals to associations with all sorts of definitions and applications.  

  • Team…two or more people working together  
  • Teamwork…cooperation between those working together  
  • Team-spirit…willingness of each member to work together with loyalty, enthusiasm, and trust 

Think about your pawn team…any of this sound familiar yet? We have all been there, so let’s get the team working together and win. Be the Team to beat!