Optimize Coin & Bullion Trading Profits

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Upstate Coin & Gold can help you make the most of buying coins and precious metals by maximizing profits with some of our many resources. We can optimize your margins and simplify the trading process by limiting risk, providing live, up-to-the-second pricing, and offering the resources to identify and authenticate products accurately. Our online trading platform, PlatformGold™, makes trading simple and allows you to lock in deals anytime, anywhere. After establishing an account with us, take advantage of our ShipSecure™ program to send your coins and bullion products safely and securely to one of our wholesale processing facilities.  

PlatformGold™ Online Trading Software  

PlatformGold™ is Upstate Coin & Gold’s live trading platform where you can buy or sell 1,000+ different products 24/7/365. Spot prices change on PlatformGold™ every 5 seconds when the market is open, giving you the most accurate live pricing. With an approved dealer account, you can view LIVE bid and ask prices per unit, buy from, sell to us at the posted prices, and execute real-time trades. Talk to one of our traders today for a tutorial on how to use PlatformGold™ to your benefit.  

Daily Wholesale Dealer Price Sheet  

Our Daily Wholesale Dealer Price Sheet is the ultimate resource for staying apprised of the industry’s most competitive premium prices. Use this sheet to help optimize your profit margins for the most widely traded bullion and precious metals products, including American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Scrap Gold, Sterling, and Pre-1933 Gold. This sheet is updated daily as the market changes and is displayed in an easy printer-friendly layout.  

ShipSecure™ Secure Shipping Service  

Once your account is approved, use our ShipSecure™ system for easy and secure shipping logistics. This program allows you to ship to us fast and fully insured, and shipping costs can be deducted from your sales total for an even smoother shipping experience.  

Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Tester  

Buy gold, silver, and platinum bullion confidently using a Sigma Metalytics tester. While UCG is not directly affiliated with this company, we highly recommend using these testers to ensure the authenticity of bullion products. These testing devices can detect counterfeit coins and bullion products in just a few seconds when used correctly. Catching just one counterfeit coin is worth the price of this machine, and many dealers industry-wide use the Sigma regularly. Ask one of our traders today about purchasing a Sigma Metalytics tester.  

UCG Precious Metals Reference Guide Wall Poster  

The Upstate Coin & Gold Precious Metals Reference Guide wall poster is a handy tool that provides photographs of the most widely traded bullion products, along with weights, fineness, and a brief description of each item. Hang this on your wall or use the guide with your customers to quickly reference what items are being traded. Ask us today about receiving your free wall poster.  

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Upstate’s Sales Manager, Tom Martin, and Account Manager, Jeff D’Ambola, will be at the convention next week and would welcome the opportunity to meet you personally.  

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