Talking Points When Situations Arise in Your Backyard 

Mark Campanale Government Relations, Members Only

By Fran Bishop, NPA GRC Liaison


The New York City subway attack earlier this week and the ensuing investigation led to the apprehension of the alleged perpetrator. Along the way media reports picked up on the information that the firearm used was sold to this man in 2011 by an Ohio pawn store. 

Not surprisingly the NPA received media inquiries that we quickly shared with the long-established Ohio Pawnbrokers Association.  

The following statements were prepared by their President, Raphael Tincher with minor input from me, which I think serves as a good example for all. 

  • Our hearts go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families. 
  • Ohio Pawnbrokers are licensed by the state and are highly regulated at every level of government from the Federal level, down to the State and Local. 
  • Ohio Pawnbrokers who deal in firearms are Federal Firearms Licensees and follow all Federal, State and Local regulations regarding the sale and disposition of firearms, in addition to the rules and regulations relating to lending on items. 
  • Ohio Pawnbrokers conduct background checks for every sale and disposition of a firearm (handgun or long gun) and do the same for every firearm the owner redeems from pawn using the required FBI/NICS background check system. 
  • In the current matter, it would appear the reason for the FBI to be able to quickly determine who purchased the firearm/when/where is because all procedures were properly followed. 

Our appreciation to President Tincher for his quick action and allowing us to share this with you. 

Fran Bishop, NPA Past President and Government Relations Liaison 

Team GRC