Let’s Talk About Rate Caps at Pawn Expo

Mark Campanale Government Relations Updates

NPA’s Team GRC is preparing to bring you all the news from The Hill and elsewhere at Pawn Expo. Foremost in pawnbrokers’ minds is the subject of a federal cap of 36% APR on consumer lending, and the controversy surrounding the Illinois Predatory Lending Act that was passed back in January. The need for answers and clarity of whether the pawn industry was intended to be covered or not ultimately led to the NPA, IPA and others suing the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in May. 

Along with Team GRC, Illinois Pawnbrokers Association President Kelly Swisher will be in Ft. Worth to give background and fill in the blanks with first-hand boots on the ground information. So, bring your A-to-Z questions and we will all do our best to provide real answers based upon what we know.   

We look forward to seeing everyone in Ft. Worth at Pawn Expo and having positive and constructive conversations. Make your plans to be there NOW!