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The ‘Submit a Search Request – E.C.’ screen flow has been updated from a single page into multiple pages to aid with data entry and to increase the speed of loading the page to your screen.

The order of the questions and the fields remain the same except for some enhancements to the ‘Middle Name’ field.  

Use the ‘Continue’ and ‘Back’ buttons to navigate through the pages OR use the keyboard shortcuts outlined below.

New! Middle Name Field Checkbox

New checkboxes buttons have been added to the ‘Middle name field’ for ‘Initial Only’ and ‘No Middle Name’ instances to help reduce mistakes during data entry.

  • Select “Initial Only” (IO) checkbox if the middle name is only an initial.
    • The system will allow up to two characters in the text box.
    • You will not need to add “IO” to the text box as the system will add that automatically.
  • Select “No Middle Name” (NMN) checkbox if the subject does not have a middle name.
    • “NMN” will prepopulate in the text field.

Pleasee-mail the NICS Liaison team at:  if you have any questions.