National Pawnbrokers Association Announces New Member Benefits

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National Pawnbrokers Association offers pawnbrokers three new member benefits focusing on legal protection and business services

Southlake, TX – The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) is proud to announce new additions to the roster of benefits NPA members will receive in 2020. The new benefits include LegalShield, Best Pawnbrokers to Work For Program, and Operating Performance Benchmark. 

“The NPA is proud to offer its pawnbroker members a wide selection of pawn industry specific benefits, including resources, education, advocacy, communications, community involvement, and leadership opportunities,” said Kerry Rainey, pawnbroker and NPA President. The new member benefits provide business services that are valuable to independent pawnbrokers. Mr. Rainey added, “We are excited to add these new programs, as they offer practical business support that every pawnbroker can profit from.”

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Get access to legal advice and services with LegalShield, the only nationwide, unlimited, dedicated law firm & fraud investigator access program of its kind built for all the little and big issues of life. Now with Gun Owner’s coverage available. This affordable legal and identity theft protection is available at a reduced rate to NPA members in the U.S. and Canada.

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Best Pawnbrokers to Work For Program

Research firm Best Companies Group surveys employees to determine the best pawnbroker company to work for among NPA members. They utilize a unique mix of proprietary technology and human workplace excellence expertise to determine the winner of those who participate. The winning company will be announced at Pawn Expo 2020.

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Operating Performance Benchmark

Industry Insights offers a complete and up-to-date financial performance report for the pawn industry. After surveying participating NPA members on a number of operating metrics and financial statistics, the company provides a comparative benchmark report that members can use to assess their own business performance gauging strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. Martin Strasser, from Premier Jewelry & Loans, Inc., will be presenting a session at Pawn Expo on how to interpret the results and use the information to evaluate and improve your company’s performance.

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The NPA is also offering a new member benefit for industry partner members. The new program provides industry partners the opportunity to broadcast a webinar to NPA pawnbroker members. To view a complete list of Member Benefits for pawnbroker and industry partner members, please visit

For more information about the NPA, contact NPA External Communications, at: or (212) 365-0691 x 5. For more information from the NPA, please visit


The NPA works to provide independent pawnbrokers nationwide with resources and tools to strengthen the pawn industry. NPA members are committed to operating their businesses in such a manner as to enhance and promote the positive and professional image of all pawnbrokers. Members believe in establishing positive and long-lasting relationships with local, state, and federal government officials. The NPA is the industry’s only national association and is located in Southlake, TX.