10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Lab Grown Diamond Detector

Buy a Lab Grown Diamond Detector

Launched by the Diamond Producers Association, Project ASSURE has commissioned UL Laboratories (an unaffiliated third party) to create an independent testing protocol and invited all lab grown detectors to participate in their testing. Following are some things to consider when buying a detector:

  1. Has the detector been tested by Project ASSURE? Every detector that was tested by project ASSURE will carry a sticker stating that it was tested. Go to diamondproducers.com/assure-directory to check the results of the tests.
  2. Have 100% of the lab grown diamonds been detected according to the test results?
  3. Does the detector have very small false positive results (under 2.5%)? Some of the lower-priced detectors have been found to have over 15% false positive results.
  4. Is the manufacturer well known? Do they have a longstanding reputation?
  5. Does the manufacturer have customer service representatives in the U.S.?
  6. Does the detector have at least a one-year warranty and the ability to extend it?
  7. Does the manufacturer have a service laboratory in the U.S.?
  8. Can the detector test a large parcel of loose diamonds, single diamonds, and a few pieces of mounted jewelry at the same time? Detectors that can check only one diamond at a time are very limiting.
  9. Are the software upgrades free?
  10. Get referrals from your peers who already own a detector. Ask them questions: Is it accurate? Is it user friendly? How is their customer service?
ASSURE Tested Mark