Geib Refining Corp. Receives National Pawnbrokers Association Industry Partner of the Year Award

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National Pawnbrokers Association presents annual awards at Pawn Expo in Las Vegas.

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) announced today the selection of Geib Refining Corp. as the 2017 NPA Industry Partner of the Year. Gieb Refining Corp., based in Warwick, RI, is a precious metals refiner who has served the pawn industry for decades. Geib Refining Corp. was recognized at the Annual Awards Luncheon during Pawn Expo in Las Vegas.

Geib Refining Corp. has supported the National Pawnbrokers Association as an industry partner since 2001 and has sponsored countless special events. In addition to winning this year’s award, they are also the 2007 NPA Industry Partner of the Year and have become a trusted precious metals refiner serving pawnbrokers across the country.

A second generation, family-owned business, the Geib’s have been melting metal for over 45 years. Incorporated in 1979, the company has grown considerably and has earned a reputation for integrity and reliability. The team at Geib Refining Corp. are also known for their personal relationships with pawnbroker clients and simple gestures of kindness, such as remembering birthdays, special events, or personal achievements.

The NPA Industry Partner of the Year Award is presented annually to an NPA Industry Partner who, through their performance and dedication, has shown significant support of the association and its members.