Kathleen Barbee Named National Pawnbrokers Association’s Young Professional of the Year

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The National Pawnbrokers Association honored Ms. Barbee at the Annual Awards Luncheon at Pawn Expo in Las Vegas.

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) announced today the unanimous selection of Kathleen Barbee of Lombard Financial Services in Fort Worth, TX, to receive the NPA Young Professional of the Year Award. The NPA Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes young professionals who have demonstrated exceptional success in their businesses and local communities and have made a significant contribution to the pawn industry. The decision was announced at the association’s Annual Awards Ceremony at Pawn Expo in Las Vegas.

Ms. Barbee has demonstrated an unceasing commitment to the pawn industry and a dedication to fostering the next generation of pawnbrokers through networking, training, and education. She is a member of the NPA Board of Directors and currently serves as Board Secretary.

Ms. Barbee also heads the NPA Young Professionals Committee, addressing the emerging issues that face the industry in today’s economic and social media-driven landscape. She has brought young and millennial pawnbrokers from around the country face-to-face with legislators and decision makers on Capitol Hill.

“Ms. Barbee is leading the charge for a new generation of pawnbrokers,” said Larry Nuckols, NPA President. “We value her for her service to this association and to the industry, and are proud to call her a leader of the changing face of pawnbroking.”

Kathleen Barbee established her career working in the small businesses sector. She has served as Corporate Secretary to several Board of Directors and has had over 15 years of experience in both the business and legal sectors.