NPA Launches Strategic Plan

The NPA Strategic Plan was unveiled at the Annual Membership Meeting during Pawn Expo 2014. The plan will guide the association as we continue building the new NPA.

When the board, key stakeholders, and staff began creating the new strategic plan many months ago, they had several key objectives in mind:

  • The plan must be simple and easy to understand.
  • The goals it identifies should only be those few that most members view as really vital to their own and the industry’s continued success.
  • The goals identified in the plan must be realistic and attainable.


The months-long strategic planning process led us to identify and prioritize three key goals. Focusing our energy and time on just three key strategic initiatives, however, doesn’t mean we will neglect other important programs or functions.

The three key goals are:



NPA will continue to protect your interests before elected public officials, government agencies, media, and others who can shape the future of our businesses and industry in one way or another.

You have told us many times that advocacy is a fundamental reason you are a member of NPA. We know it is important not only to protect your business interests but also to keep you informed about important issues as they evolve and as new issues arise.

Member Services

NPA should be your single source for business solutions. The best way to achieve this is to develop custom tailored business services that are designed from the ground up with you and your business in mind.

NPA is owned by you, the member. Everything we do on your behalf must reflect this. NPA’s activities and programs must enhance and support your business success and promote the value of the pawnbroking industry.

As a result of the association’s growing leverage as a representative of over 1600 pawn businesses, the NPA can wield substantial influence to create unique business services for you.



Our third important strategic goal is to build an NPA professional designation program that will serve to differentiate you and your qualified employees as uniquely committed to the knowledge, skills and customer service of the pawn industry.

Beginning in 2015 independent pawnbrokers who have been in the industry three years or more can choose to earn NPA’s new professional designation. The letters that will follow your name will signal to customers and colleagues that you have completed the courses and exams necessary to complete the program and committed to refreshing your skills and knowledge regularly.

You might be thinking that this is too challenging a program and not everyone in our business will see its value. That is the point! Earning the designation is your proud mark of distinction. It will provide you with an enormously valuable competitive edge.


Get Involved!

Please consider this your invitation to get involved one way or another in the exciting work that lies ahead! As we always have, NPA welcomes your input, your ideas and your support.