Cash in on These Savings

Membership has its privileges and NPA members are in for a real treat! Two exciting new benefits are being revealed that you will want to take advantage of in 2015.

Human Resources Services by SESCO Management Consultants

sesco_logo3inThis human resource and employee relations program is available to all members and is free with your membership. Consulting services on a vast array of employee issues and an analysis of your personnel policies, work rules, and employee handbook are all provided at absolutely no charge to you.

The service, valued at $2500, will save you hours of time by providing you with the information you need to stay in compliance. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing your human resource practices are in place and up-to-date. Additional services are also available at a discounted rate.

Title 31 US Patriot Act Compliance Program by RMF Consulting Group

rmf logoRMF Consulting Group is proud to announce an exclusive arrangement for NPA members only. RMF is offering significantly reduced prices for a complete Title 31 US Patriot Act Compliance Program which also includes Title 26 8300 rule requirements as well as Red Flags requirements.

Federal law requires dealers in Precious Metals and pawnbrokers to comply with certain requirements. Ensure government compliance, keep regulators and state auditors happy, and promote good bank health.


Included in this comprehensive package:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Program for Pawnbrokers (for those who do not meet the Dealer in Precious Metals requirements) – $149 per member company/$25 per additional location
  • AML Compliance Program for Dealers in Precious Metals (combined with Pawn) – $229 per member company/$25 per additional location
  • 8300 trade and business policies and procedures
  • Identity Theft Red Flags policy and procedure manual – $39.95 per member company/$10 per location
  • Complete Appendix including training logs, internal monitoring logs, and compliance officer certifications
  • One hour of review and implementation
  • Discount on required annual independent review (Dealers in Precious Metals) – $400 per annum