Pawnbrokers Give Recovering Troops the Gift of Music

Pawnbrokers in over eight states are teamed up to donate 100 guitars to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. The facility is one of the nationʼs top rehabilitation hospitals that specializes in spinal cord and brain injury and runs a music therapy program for troops injured in the wars oversees.

When it was announced that the new music therapy program had stalled because there werenʼt enough instruments, a team of pawnbrokers, headed by Dave Adelman of Jerryʼs Pawn, Inc. in Atlanta , immediately mobilized to fill the need with a generous donation of guitars.

“I am a veteran myself,” explained Dave, “and when I heard that the Shepherd Center needed instruments, there was no doubt in my mind about what needed to be done.”

Joining him in making the donation were Kathy Pierce of Monster Pawn, Inc., Ben Levinson of Dynasty Jewelry & Loan Ltd., Paul Issac of Wexler Insurance Agency/IJB, Seth & Les Gold of American Jewelry & Loan, Sam Shocket of King’s Jewelry and Loan, Richard Bennett of Musical Instrument Reclamation Corp., Chuck Franklin of M & M Merchandisers, Inc., David Newman of Cash Loan, Inc., Craig Rabiner of Kohn’s Loan Co., Steve Rogers of Wellston Pawn, Inc., Scott Amberg of EZ Cash of Panama City, and Fran Bishop of Dollar Pawn Inc.

Pawnbrokers traditionally have a long history of giving back to their communities through various programs and donation drives. Members of the National Pawnbrokers Association are actively involved in programs like C.O.P.S. (Concerns Of Police Survivors), Future Business Leaders Scholarship Fund, and Musical Instrument Gift Day, whereby pawnbrokers across the country donate instruments to veterans, needy children, or fledgling music programs.

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