SESCO’s Human Resource Management/Employment Law Member Program

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In response to the overwhelming number of members who have indicated that their toughest challenge in running their businesses concerns human resource and employment law issues, National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) has partnered with SESCO Management Consultants to provide professional consulting and legal assistance.

Through this exclusive partnership, NPA provides members with a wide menu of human resource management and employment law services including a free hotline service. When your company has an HR or employment law question, SESCO provides immediate and unlimited support.

Founded in 1945, SESCO Management Consultants is a well-recognized national human resource management consulting and employment law firm. SESCO’s team of certified human resource professionals and employment attorneys are available as needed to discuss your day-to-day HR and employment-related issues. Expertise includes compliance to federal and state employment regulations, hiring, progressive discipline and termination, employee handbooks and policy development, representation before federal and state Department of Labor and employment agencies and more.


Services Free to NPA Members

When members have a question about any employment matter including federal and state regulations and day-to-day human resource management challenges, contact SESCO at:


Their team of professionals are there to assist you on a priority basis. Just let them know you’re a member of NPA.

The following are some sample questions SESCO can assist:

  • I am about to dismiss an employee. Do I have a proper reason, is it properly documented, and will it stand up if it is challenged by a government investigator?
  • One of my employees has accused another employee of sexual harassment. How do I resolve this situation?
  • I have heard that an employee has a communicable disease — what should I do?
  • An employee wants to see his personnel file. Am I required to show it to him or her?
  • Some of my employees receive “incentive compensation” in addition to their hourly rate. Am I required to pay overtime on this incentive, in addition to regular pay?
  • If a salaried employee doesn’t come to work, may I deduct from his or her salary?
  • If an employee handles money and has a cash shortage, may I deduct this amount from the employee’s pay?
  • If an employee leaves the company owing the company money, can I deduct the amount owed from the employee’s final paycheck?
  • One of my employees has been absent for a week. May I place the employee on Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and count this past week toward the 12 weeks?
  • An employee was injured on the job and is on Worker’s Compensation leave. Does FMLA play a role?
  • When an employee gives me a two week notice, do I have to accept it? If I don’t accept it, do I have to pay the employee for the two weeks?
  • If an employee is dismissed or resigns, do I have to pay the employee immediately?
  • If an employee is dismissed, am I required to pay accrued vacation pay?
  • Can SESCO send me a sample Cell Phone policy?
  • Can SESCO review my employment agreement including a non-compete clause?
  • I need HR forms and posters, can SESCO send me what I need?


Human Resource Management/Employment Law Services Available Upon Request

In addition to this free hotline service, members can also take advantage of SESCO’s human resource and employment law support services. Some of the more common services include:

  • Reviewing member employee handbooks/policy manuals. This review will consider all federal and state employment regulations as well as SESCO’s best practices. A follow-up report will be provided to the member with SESCO’s recommendations. The one-time fee is $250.
  • Federal and state compliance posters – special member fee – $19.95 per kit.
  • Industry-specific Human Resource Management Guide – A guide covering all aspects of human resource management and federal and state employment regulations. Over 300 pages with sample policies and checklists customized to the Association. Special member fees – $129.

Additional services at reduced fees include:

  • Preparing comprehensive employee handbooks
  • Developing criteria-based job descriptions/performance management system
  • Developing comprehensive compensation systems
  • Conducting human resource management audits of all human resource management practices
  • Representing clients before the Department of Labor (Wage and Hour investigations) and EEOC discrimination claims
  • Assisting members in responding to unemployment claims
  • Representing employers in union avoidance/union awareness matters
  • Preparing contracts and other employment law assistance
  • Conducting employee engagement/satisfaction surveys
  • Extensive management/leadership training and development programs

NPA is proud to offer these exclusive services to our valued members. Please take advantage of this HR/Employment Law Program.


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